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Commercial Property Solutions: Established in 1998

First Services Ltd was established in 1998 by the two current directors; Lindsay Preece and Nick Morgan.

Lindsay’s experience has seen him successfully leading in the industry at a facilities contractors based in Tewkesbury. Lindsay was very keen to further expand his impact and promote the business. Nick worked for a large well-recognised facilities contractor based in London as Contracts Manager. The combination proved to create a long-standing business partnership with years of experience problem solving and supporting businesses across a range of industries.

Working closely on previous projects, both directors soon realised there was a great opportunity to pool resources, knowledge and a clear understanding of customer’s needs and demands. Working initially from offices in Aylesbury, both directors successfully managed to rapidly build a client base including national managing agents, retail clients and private customers.

The first full-time staff member was appointed in May 2005 as a general operative and is proudly still employed by the company today as a regional Contracts Manager.

Today, we have approximately 50 members of staff employed, excluding directors, with 20 full time and 30 part time members of the team.

Wider Property Solutions

With the opportunity to expand, both directors decided that two regional offices should be formed in Jan 2006; one office based in Worcester and the other in Braintree (Essex).

This expansion allowed an evolution in the management of all contracts, clients, staff and accounts and further allowed continued and managed growth of the business.

Our web-based job tracker system was designed solely for the business. This system fully enables all our daily projects to be tracked and handled easily by both office and management staff. This clear and bespoke process is a key to our high quality customer care.

Property Services for the Future

The company is in a great position to expand and grow into the future. After many years of success, Both directors are full of passion and drive to dedicate themselves to continuing to expand and evolve.

The business has rapidly expanded into the private sector in the last 12 months, this is an area that both directors have been keen to establish and provide quality core trades at a competitive cost. This has proved highly successful, and we look forward to continuing in this exciting direction.

We are always looking for the next step, so watch this space.

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Orchard Works | Union Place | Worcester | WR3 7DX

c/o Gowers Farm | Tumblers Green | Braintree | Essex | CM7 78AZ